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The adaptive strategy consultants

If you’re not building a business that can thrive in complexity… you’re not going to survive.

Your success always depends on the behaviours of people and systems that are outside of your control.

The good news? You can embrace this to make meaningful progress. For example, anti-fragile prioritisation (think: roadmaps that don’t run you into a ditch) and achieving coherence instead of forcing the illusion of alignment.


Our thinking

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We share pragmatic methods and frameworks to help you navigate strategy and sense-making. Here are some favourites:

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About us

Trigger Strategy Group is a consultancy specialising in adaptive strategy for zero-to-one products and services.

Partners Tom Kerwin and Corissa Nunn help founders, entrepreneurs and in-house innovators to navigate ambiguity and uncertainty. We come with decades of experience in multiple startups, straddling product, design, marketing, messaging, data, experimentation and research. We love coaching, facilitating and training other explorers to avoid the classic pitfalls and make good things happen.


Corissa Nunn


Pitch ProvocationsEstuarine Mapping: a pre-strategy workshop format for leadersAct and Adapt: Team Training and leadership consulting
  • Diagnose difficult product tangles. When things aren't working for complicated reasons, we can come in and help you figure it out fast. Get out of paralysis and into execution mode.
  • Workshop design and facilitation
    • Custom workshops designed for your specific situation
  • Early product discovery – coaching or done-with-you
  • Get clarity on your value proposition and positioning