Act and Adapt: Team Training and leadership consulting

You depend on your product, design and engineering teams to deliver business value by shipping great stuff for customers.

You know the people you’ve hired are smart, motivated and good at their jobs (well, mostly!). But somehow, despite all this talent and energy, it’s not translating into results. You’re putting more and more effort into shipping new product ideas and valuable features, but nothing’s made enough of a difference to the bottom line.

You’ve also tried a bunch of best practice stuff – maybe sprints, OKRs, validation, PRDs, North Star Metrics, customer discovery … you’ve had it with frameworks.

You might have a Vision Chasm, with a lovely dream of where you want to be in five years, but nobody on the ground can see how what they’re doing today has anything to do with that.

You probably have the Difficult Second Product Problem. Your first big success as a company was a while back, and your organisation has naturally evolved a lot since then. The tiny scrappy team grew into a scaleup, and you now have processes, structure, and lots of specialist employees. This is great, because you’ve been able to optimise the heck out of your first product offering. That made your name and paid your way. But good things don’t last forever and you’ve been looking for your next hit product offering. The thing is, now that you’ve got all this structure in place, you can’t easily do the scrappy stuff.

Act and Adapt team training and leadership consulting gives your teams the tools to try more stuff, at small scale, while managing the risks. In other words, resurrecting that scrappiness that got you to where you are today. So you can to where you need to be.

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