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<aside> 👉 Do you want to gauge your team’s ability to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity?

We can help, with a 1-hour audit of your ways of working.

Together, we’ll uncover the hidden fragilities putting you at risk. You’ll come away with a plan for 3 high-leverage changes that will make you more adaptable – without panicking or plunging into chaos.

We're offering the first 3 sessions at a lower rate as we test this service.


Listen to the Trigger Strategy Podcast

Tom & Corissa dig into strategy and sense-making while taking our baby for a walk. It’s raw, mostly un-edited, and we probably give away a lot of secrets!

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About Us

TSG is a consultancy specialising in adaptive strategy for zero-to-one products and services.

Partners Tom Kerwin and Corissa Nunn help founders, entrepreneurs and in-house innovators to navigate ambiguity and uncertainty. We come with decades of experience in multiple startups, straddling product, design, marketing, messaging, data, experimentation and research. We love coaching, facilitating and training other explorers to avoid the classic pitfalls and make good things happen.


Corissa Nunn

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Tom Kerwin


Looking for hands-on help? We can provide:

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